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v1.2.144 (Updated May 22, 2017)

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Bubble Shoot Pet Description

You must have played a lot of bubble shooting games but let us introduce you to the most exciting one. Bubble Shoot Pet is a casual puzzle game which has the same gameplay pattern in which you shooting the bubbles, match the same ones and blast them off to clear the levels. However, I called this game the best one due to fun and many game modes that aren’t available in any of the other games. To install the game, download the free APK for Bubble Shooter Pet right now from our site and begin the epic bubble shooting fun.

Your protagonist in the game is a squirrel which is naughty but put under the challenge of shooting the bubbles to clear the levels and climb the tree higher and higher. This, however, will not be easy for her since as you progress through the game, it gets difficult. You will need to buy upgrades and power-ups to become better and better in the game. You can shoot the bubbles rapidly and create the combos to clear the level in lesser time. This helps you to earn more points and use them to make your game progress better. Listed below are some of the important features of the Bubble Shooting Pet as per the game’s description.

· Match & Shoot bubbles to save the baby squirrels.
· Login every day to get free & amazing items and use them in the game.
· Collect keys on Neverland to open the treasure boxes.
· Special boosters & bubbles to help you pass the hard levels.
· Enjoy the enchanting graphic and beautiful music.
· Easily sync the game across different devices by connecting to Facebook.
· Challenge your friends and see their progress.
· Free & easy to play, hard to master.
· More than 300 levels and new levels are coming soon.

To play Bubble Shooting Pet, download the free APK from our site and see how far can you take this needy squirrel.

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