BusyBox APK

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Dev: Stephen (Stericson) Latest Version: 50 Updated: Apr 20

BusyBox Free APK Download for Android

BusyBox app enables some additional UNIX command line operations on your device which let you to dig deeper into root level actions on your device. If you need to explore more features on your device or if you love playing with technical things around, then BusyBox is a needed app for you. Download its apk file on this page and start experimenting advanced actions on the go.

Please note that this app isn't recommended for newbies. Experts should try this on their own risk as BusyBox may result in any hardware or software damage. If you are aware about the possible results BusyBox may produce on your device, then you can download BusyBox APK file below. Pro version of BusyBox can be purchased here if you want to support the author for his efforts.