Call Blacklist - Call Blocker APK

Call Blacklist - Call Blocker
Call Blacklist - Call Blocker
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Dev: Vlad Lee Latest Version: 3.1.18 Updated: Apr 25

Call Blacklist - Call Blocker Free APK Download for Android

Then marketing agencies call people are ruin disturb them in their busy routines. Call blacklist-call blocker is a unique app which not only blocks the number but also filters SMS. Now it is easy to unblock the messages from hidden numbers and annoying calls. The app is very easy to use and powerfully blocks the calls without giving them the chance of unblocking. Adding people manually and blocking numbers from calls list is now much faster because of this app. The option “Begin with” give you access to effective put some action against robocalls and even blocks alphanumeric numbers.

You can receive notification regarding the number that has been blocked. The option of disabling the blocking number is also available for using it at the time of need. “ setting “ schedule” through app only opens the calls flow for the time set by you and your don’t get disturbed by the calls at some other time when you do not want to receive them.

“Whitelist” features helps you in connecting with the lost contacts so there is no need to worry in the third regard too. Surprisingly, there is no consumption of the battery or CPU resource power by this app. To get this app, download the free Calls Blacklist - Call Blocker apk from our website.