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CITIZEN CALCULATOR Free APK Download for Android

Don't want to use the default calculator of the Android OS? CITIZEN CALCULATOR is here for you. Download CITIZEN CALCULATOR for free and make the calculation in your business super easy for you. The app is packed with several amazing features that make calculation much innovative than other calculator apps, including the default app of the Android OS. Specifically built for business owners, CITIZEN CALCULATOR offers features like MU (Mark Up), M+, M- and Correct features that let you calculate numbers with high accuracy, with great ease and the flexibility for viewing and correcting previously entered values.

Do you want to give your customers a discount at the end of the calculation? CITIZEN CALCULATOR makes this simple for you. Just calculate all prices and make a discount at the end using MU features of the app. This way, you don't need to apply a random discount instead you can give discounts based on the total purchases of the customer and your customers will love your business due to your transparency rules.

Download the app for free and install it on your Android device. We are highly confident that this calculator is going to proof itself as the best calculator ever for your business. It's free. Download right away, install it and start using in your business hours or at home whenever you need. Please remember that although we have talked CITIZEN CALCULATOR as a good calculator for businesses but anyone can use it in general life needs. So don't worry if you aren't a business owner, still the app will highly satisfy your needs.