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Connect Bubbles
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Dev: G Soft Team Latest Version: 2.7 Updated: Apr 26

Connect Bubbles Free APK Download for Android

Connect bubbles is a very captivating game of bubbles busting. It has been admired and liked highly. This game keeps you from getting bored and lets you enjoy and pass your time in a great way. The Connect Bubbles is entirely free to download. The way of playing it is very easy. You need to move your finger across the screen to connect the bubbles one by one and then release the drag to make them disappeared. You have to make a group of at least three or more bubbles in order to burst them. However, keep it in mind that the color of those neighboring bubbles should be the same which you are to make a group and intend to explode. You earn points by bursting the bubbles. Try to make the bigger groups for, the bigger the group you make, the more score you will secure. You attain 10 points for every bubble you link, and there will be additional points if you bond more than three bubbles.
Connect Bubbles has got fifty challenging levels. There is an intuitive interface in it which makes playing experience the best. Besides, it views the daily, monthly and all-time high scores. If you want to proceed from one level to another, you will have to gain greater and greater scores. You can find all of the score updates and, information to pass to the next level, at the top of the screen. There is a limited time for completing each level. The time is also mentioned on the top right next to the scores.
The game timer starts as soon as you connect the first bubbles group.
Connect Bubbles allows you to restart the game whenever you want even in the mid of the current game by just pressing ‘New game’ in the main menu. You can also pause the game by entering the main menu. If you do not like the sounds or music of the game, it lets you turn it off as well.
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