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Criminal Case Free APK Download for Android

Criminal Case is a detective-themed game available on Android devices where you need to explore the truths behind different cases. Mostly, you are assigned the task to investigate murder cases. Rosa Wolf has been killed by someone and you need to discover a series of hidden objects to reach the murderer. Remember that you need to have strong detective skills otherwise you won't be able to figure out who has killed Rosa Wolf.

Police of Grimsborough is also there to support you. Along with the police, you need to bring the suspects in questioning. Remember that you should not irritate innocent people. You should investigate from the suspects only. The task may seem easy to you but it isn't that much easy in reality. Go ahead with well planned strategies and use your detective mind to reach the murderer as soon as possible.

The city where murders are taking place has become the worst. There is a series of murders and they will never stop unless you will detect and punish the murderers. Its now the time to save your corrupt city otherwise many people will be killed. Your detective skills will decide how quickly and how successfully you stop the murder cases in your area.

You can play Criminal Case alone or you can play it along with your friends. Play with friends to see who is a better detective. The ones who will better investigate suspects and witness will find their way easily to reach the criminals and thus they will be rewarded. Remember that you don't need to punish the criminals yourself, instead first find them out from the crowd and then bring them to justice.

At first, Criminal Case (CC) was released for Facebook and the game's Android version was released for the first time on April 15, 2015. The game is highly popular among Facebook users and in 2013, it won the 'Facebook Game of the Year' by beating Candy Crush Saga, the all-time famous game on Facebook, iOS and Android.

In the gameplay, the players needs to visit the crime scene where murder has taken place. There are several hidden objects and the player needs to tap each object to find the ones that are related to the murder. Each time an object is found, the bar is filled and the player's success in the game depends on how quickly he finds the items.

Filling the bar rewards the player with starts and in-game money which can be used to analyze the suspects and interrogate the evidences to detect the real criminal. You can also view the killer profiles in depth to know their biography. In short, Criminal Case is a real fun with a little horror mixed and all this engages the player deeply in the game.

There are multiple cases hidden in the game (130 as of now) so you have a variety of cases to solve. There are different criminals and you have a lot of work to do. You aren't restricted to a single crime case only and thus with multiple murder cases, you find new challenges each time you start exploring a murder case. On average, each case rewards a maximum of 45 stars with the exception of a few cases where you earn 15 stars in the most basic case and the second case (which is a litter tougher) rewards you 30 stars.

CC is free to play but sometimes you may need to spend real money for in-app purchases. To start playing this detective game for free, download Criminal Case APK file on this page. Download the APK to install CC on your Android tablet or the phone and then start solving murder cases. Remember that now it is your responsibility to find and solve crime cases in your city. It has become corrupt and you can bring the peace of the city back by finding out the criminals and by bringing them to justice. Save innocent people. Play CC in a single-player mode or play it with your friends to compare your detective skills with them. Prove that you are the best detective and you have the capability to save your city!