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Dev: CurveMail Team Latest Version: 3.14159-C-26535 Updated: Mar 22

CurveMail Free APK Download for Android

We all need to email different people at different times for different purposes. We have all been enjoying conventional email services such as Gmail and Yahoo which are much slower than we actually need. All of us felt the need to have an app which is quicker than any other services to send quick emails and make our work faster. Now we finally have that named CurveMail from the Curve Mail team who worked really smartly to give us an email app right according to our needs. You can download the free CurveMail APK from our site. Now I am going to tell you about different features that you can use using CurveMail. 

CurveMail Features.

Here are some powerful features in this app that make it the quickest and best email sending service on the internet.

1. CurveMail is the quickest email sending service app which opens very fast, let you compose emails with attachments and stuff even quicker and then send it wherever you want to. It's easy and elegant interface lets you work even faster than you ever could. 
2. You can perform very quick operations such as deleting emails, deleting accounts, and send replies to all people at the same time using the feature name curve swiping.
3. This is the only mobile email client which has more than 50 supported international languages including many major languages such as Spanis, German, French, Italian, and much more.
4. It can support many servers such as POP3, IMAP, SMTP, SSL, and TLS, which are essential for any best email service app.
5. CurveMail enables you to save unlimited emails in your email account along with all the pictures and videos sent as an attachment. 
6. Select contacts present on your phone instead of manually writing the email to save more time and send emails even faster.
7. Bcc and Cc options are part of this amazing email client known as CurveMail. 
8. You can create as many as emails accounts you want and use them on the same app and same phone.
9. You can also setup your Gmail and Yahoo accounts in this app instead of creating a separate account for the app.
10. You can save all the attachments such as pictures and videos on your phone by the smart download option present in the best email client that goes by the name CurveMail.

So if you want to quicken your work by using the fastest email client present on the play store then download the free CurveMail APK from the green download link given above and earn smarter from your work.