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Despicable Me
Despicable Me
4.0625 (16)
Dev: Gameloft Latest Version: 4.6.0f Updated: May 26

Despicable Me Free APK Download for Android

Little cute Minions are ready to entertain you on your Android phone. In the vast universe of Android games, there are very few that truly enchant our hearts and Despicable Me is one of them. It is a beautiful Android game developed by Gameloft, who are one of the top developers in this field. You can download this on your smartphone and have a lot of fun.

One thing that you need to keep in mind that you need to have a good latest smartphone with Android 4.4 or above to play this game because it features good graphics and can’t be run on an old Android system. Having said that, let’s tell you about the features and gameplay of Despicable Me.  Despicable Me is a rush game in which you are provided a track to run on.

That track is not an easy one and contains a lot of obstacles that would interfere your run and you will need to avoid them by jumping upwards, downwards and sideways to stay alive in the game and score more and more. The longer you run, the more you score and with the help of points earned, you will be able to buy different upgrades and unlocks which can be further used in the game. Hurdles arriving in the way could be electrical poles, fire poles and much more stuff like this. Speed and a smooth touch screen are what you require to be good at this game.

In Despicable Me, your protagonist is a little minion who is making this run. Make a longer run to score more and become a champion among your friends. Connect the game to Facebook and see who is topping the leaderboards. The more time you spend on this game, the better you become because practice and precision are everything. Having the latest smartphone with good quality touch screen and smooth gameplay are the key things. With low-quality screen and shaky gameplay, you won’t be able to compete even with kids.

Missions in this game are full of adventure and contains ridiculous moments that make you laugh enormously. You are able to much more with the minion customization by buying him different upgrades. Buy power-ups for your minion to make him unstoppable. You do this by playing more and earn points.

Bosses are challenging and need an upgraded and strong minion to defeat them and for that, you require points and upgrades. Bananas are also a part of the game since minions love bananas. Collect more and more bananas on the way to make your minion stronger to complete missions and defeat his enemies. Collecting more bananas bring you extra rewards that can be further used in the game to help unlock upgrades. There are various bonus gameplay modes that add to the beauty of the game.

So what are you waiting for if you are love in love with Despicable Me after reading this Review? Download the game right now on your phone and have an Android gaming fun that you never had! Latest APK of the game is provided on this page. Download APK of Despicable Me for free to install the game on your device.