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Disney Magic Kingdoms
Disney Magic Kingdoms
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Dev: Gameloft Latest Version: 2.1.1a Updated: May 28

Disney Magic Kingdoms Free APK Download for Android

While your biggest enemy Maleficent is trying her best to make you unhappy and destroy the world, you should lose hope and continue building your world in this beautiful Disney land game named Disney Magic Kingdoms. Now it is time to rebuild your Kingdom and turn it into as beautiful as it ever was. Disney Land need to be the best park in the world again where Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck are looking forward to a peaceful environment. Can you provide them with that? If you are sure then download the free APK for this magical Disney Magic Kingdoms game and begin the fun.

If you are living in some other country and have never been to Disney Land then it is time to have the experience of being there in this epic fantasy game. Not only you get to play this game but also visit the amazing places of Disney Land right from your mobile phone. You can use all the characters from the Disney world such as Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. There are some beautiful sceneries such as Disney land boats and fireworks like none you have ever seen before. And this game is not just for fun, there is a great adventure waiting for you which has a lot of quests to do.

There are trapped characters of the Disney world due to the magic of Maleficent and you will need to free them. Do that by finding and collecting different Disney theme items. The story of the game is very amazing and you will need to beat powerful villains to bring peace and prosperity in the land. The beauty of the game is enhanced through the use of latest graphics technology for mobiles.

Aren’t you excited enough to play Disney Magic Kingdoms? If yes, then download the free APK for this game and install it on your phone to begin the fun.