Doraemon Gadget Rush APK

Doraemon Gadget Rush
Doraemon Gadget Rush
4.8 (20)
Dev: Animoca Latest Version: 1.3.1 Updated: Sep 02

Doraemon Gadget Rush Free APK Download for Android

The cute and adorable doraemon is in problem and needs you. Doraemon has lost all its gadget and they are taken away by the techno aliens and you are the one who will help him get his future gadgets back. All you have to do is blast up the aliens by forming the same color gems in rows. There is a specefic time limit and you have to form as many gems as you can to destroy the enemies. You can form chains and when you make a rare chained combo, you have the chance to get power ups and various advantages with which you can destroy the opponents.

Features of this cool app are as follows.

  • The cutest doraemon needs help and your are the saviour. 
  • Challenging and mind confusing puzzles and challenges.
  • The most confused game play but addictive enough to amaze you.
  • You can use powerful weapons and get power ups. 
  • You can upgrade your character and power ups to become more powerful.
  • There are all of doraemon's friends including Nobita, Shizuka etc
  • You can unlock doraemon's friends to help doraemon in the matter.
  • You can win various prizes. 
  • You can use and find doraemon's gadgets.
  • This game is free and simple.
  • Form as many gems as you can.
  • Compare your scores with friends on the leader boards.