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Dots and Boxes
Dots and Boxes
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Dev: OutOfTheBit ltd Latest Version: 2.20 Updated: Jun 15

Dots and Boxes Free APK Download for Android

Dots and Boxes without any doubt is one of the most exciting board games in which everything is all about making simple shapes and using your brain. You will have to be much quicker and sharper than your opponent to beat them in this epic board game where you will need to match dots to make squares. The guy with the most number of boxes wins the match. Anyhow, this was a little introduction for those who didn’t know about this game before.

Dots and Boxes are also an epic android smartphone game with the same game rules but lots of features which you can’t enjoy on a board. Now getting this android version of the game enables you to play this game with the even more exciting look and game modes. To know about them, install Dots and Boxes right now by downloading the free APK from our site and begin the fun.

Here is a list of some cool features from Dots and Boxes.

• Play against real people! Multiplayer online and on the same device (2 players mode).
• 3 Virtual opponents, very well trained at 3 difficulty levels (for your single player games).
• Easy to get: just tap and play.
• Lots of achievements.
• Colorful themes.
• Superb for all ages.
• Kids will love it.

To install this Dots and Boxes android game, get the free APK from our site right now and continue the fun.