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v1.40.1018673.production (Updated Jun 12, 2017)

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Empires and Allies Description

With this strategic modern military game, join your friends in building the best army and getting prepared for the battle. Empires and allies is the most popular strategic game that provides you with the weapons of modern world to fight with the opponents and enemies. You can have access to all the latest and modern weapons. You have to fight to get the control over the world. There are hundreds of other alliances with you in the game to help you succeed in the mission of taking over the world.

Features of this app are as follows.

  • Empires and Allies is free of cost and absolutely free to play. No time limit.
  • You can deploy the modern weapons and use them in taking over the world.
  • There are hellfire missiles to destroy the enemies.
  • Battle with the perfect army and hundreds of players as your alliance against the enemies.
  • You can personalize and design your own army with modern military tactics and skills.
  • You can make your own weapons in the war factory including the ion cannons, drone hives and much more.
  • There are extremely different environment that make the war look realistic and horrific. The terrific war is about to begin and you are the one who would fight back.
  • You have to save the globe from the terrific terrorist organizational and secure your borders and takeover the world.

Download the APK file of Empire and Allies and conquer the world.

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