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Facebook at Work
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Facebook at Work Free APK Download for Android

Facebook at Work is only available for some selected businesses and it allows all employees in a company stay connected with each other. If you want your company to be added to the supported ones, then visit this URL and follow the instructions. Once your company is added to the supported list, then you can get benefit from this app by making several management tasks easier and productive.

Groups can be created for members where common things about the business can be discussed together. Events can be created also. Facebook at Work provides an environment that helps businesses increase their productivity by making gatherings simpler and you will surely find this app extremely helpful for your company.

In addition, posts and status updates from co-workers can be seen in news feeds and it ensures that you never miss anything important related to the company. Remember that Facebook at Work is only intended for business related operations and to use your general social network features, you must use the standard Facebook app.