Fear the Walking Dead:Dead Run APK

Fear the Walking Dead:Dead Run
Fear the Walking Dead:Dead Run
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Dev: Versus Evil Latest Version: 1.3.21 Updated: Nov 03

Fear the Walking Dead:Dead Run Free APK Download for Android

AMC's The Walking Dead is one of the best TV shows that are now on-air. Its prequel Fear The Walking Dead also gained much acclaim from the fans and expert circles. After the TWD game from the telltale series, Versus Evil, an android game developer intriduced Fear the Walking Dead game series who have recently released their season 2. The game follows the same free-run pattern in which you have to escape a huge number of zombies and cross the levels now with even greater difficulty. You can download the free APK for Fear the Walking Dead:Dead Runfrom our website. Now I am going to tell about different game modes and features that you can enjoy while playing this game.

Fear the Walking Dead:Dead Run Features and Game Modes.

Here is a quick review of gameplay and some major game features of this game.

Gameplay: The gameplay in Fear the Walking Dead:Dead Run is the same as it was in the previous season. All you have got to do is run from the zombies that are chasing you while using jumping, dodging and the best of your reflexes. There are a lot of levels in the game which you will need to complete by following the same pattern, each different from the other. The version that is available yet on the store has only 6 episodes and still there are more to come. All the characters from the show are present on the game and each have their own special abilities and weapons which can be chosen in right sequence to beat the hell out of walkers. Now it depends upon you whether how good or bad you perform in the game and keep them alive for a longer time. Some other features of the game are:

1. Amazing realistic graphics with latest graphics technologies used in the android game development. Audio and visual effects are pretty impressive.
2. There are 6 levels in the game yet and each of them is much difficult from the previous level.
3. Different characters from the show each with their own unique abilites and weapons.

So what are you waiting for? Get the free to play Fear the Walking Dead:Dead Run right now on your android smartphone and enjoy the horrors of post-apocalyptic world.