Flying LARVA
Flying LARVA
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Dev: FLERO Games Co., LTD Latest Version: 1.3.6 Updated: Mar 01

Flying LARVA Free APK Download for Android

An amazing and interesting sequel that allows you to have fun through this OneTouch jumping game. You can compete with your friends to see who wins. You can feel the real thrillers and excitement with this game. There are too many interesting features for you to experience. In this game you are going to use the globally popular larva character. This game allows you to become invisible in your journey. You can consume the sausages, earn the coins and get to the higher levels. The more coins you earn the more you get to the higher floors. You can challenge yourself with the power and skills to destroy the obstacles that come your way. You have too many missions to compete and fight and win. There are various type of game modes and new characters that make you addicted of this game.

This game has this rapid and regular updating system that makes it possible for you to enjoy the game at your fullest. There are new game modes added. The game modes are the time Attack Mode, the Hurricane mode and the insect bomb mode.

In the time Attack Mode the tick tock tick tock goes up and as the tick tock goes up, so does your heartbeat. You can to play in limited time of 5 minutes. 

In the Hurricane mode, you have to scroll faster faster and faster. This mode encourages you to challenge yourself and your skills to compete in this mode. You can get various achievements and bonuses while you play.

In the insect bomb mode all you have to do is find the trash cans and poop. This cannot become more disgusting. Challenge yourself to get the reward that is waiting for you.

There are always new characters added in this game with every update. Download this amazing game and have fun with real time experience with the unique gameplay modes.