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Forge of Empires
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Dev: InnoGames GmbH Latest Version: 1.96.1 Updated: Mar 21

Forge of Empires Free APK Download for Android

Have you ever read those fantasy or fairy tales about Kings and their Kingdoms and thought that you could definitely do better than most of those Kings? If yes, then here is your chance to do so. Forge or Empires is an online strategy game developed and published by InnoGames Gmbh for the android smartphones and this has become one of the most grossing strategy games enchanting the hearts of millions of player all across the world. In this game, you are about to become a King of the city where you will need to rule the Kingdom but this is not just some child's play. You will need to hold the government, run it by upgrading its institutes through technology and warfare and this is the only game on the store where you can progress from the stone to modern age and all of it depends upon your own work. If you are feeling the real urge to play this game, download the free Forge of Empires apk right now from our website and install it right now on your android smartphones to try out some real strategic time. Let us now move to tell you the different features and game modes of this game.

  • It is your best opportunity online to develop your city and take it out from the stone age. You can advance till the modern age by upgrading your warfare and technology.
  • Build new buildings, institutes, and all other offices of government and prove yourself as a true ruler to the people.
  • To build all of this, you will to collect the resources so make sure that your setup is right according to that.
  • You can also share stuff and make trade relations with the neighbors. 
  • When you have build up your armies and other warefare stuff, invade other and take over their cities to expand your Kingdom.

This game is something really unique in the world of strategy so make sure you get Forge of Empires right now for yourself. Keep visiting our website for more free android games and apps.