Gallery Lock (Hide pictures) APK

Gallery Lock (Hide pictures)
Gallery Lock (Hide pictures)
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Dev: Morrison Software Latest Version: 4.9 Updated: Sep 10

Gallery Lock (Hide pictures) Free APK Download for Android

The amazing and absolutely great gallery lock that allows you to hide your videos and photos safely. This complete and safe package is a perfect way to protect your privacy and keep the content safe. The personal photos and videos are away from everyone's reach. It is one of the most amazing and popular app that hide the desired content from your phone and keeps it safe and secure.

  • You can have all the perfect features of this app lock and stay free of the hassle and worries. Features of this amazing app are as follows.
  • You can hide all your photos and videos.
  • You can also hide the icon where you launch the app.
  • The most amazing feature is the snap. After someone attempts to unlock your phone three times, this app automatically captures the photo of the person.
  • You can also share your photos from the gallery lock to anywhere through your apps whether social or messenger.
  • It supports the cloud backup of photos.
  • You can rotate and zoom your photos.
  • You can play your pictures as a slideshow.
  • You can view your photos in different modes.
  • You can put easy pins and passwords.

Download the APK file to secure your gallery!