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Gemini App Manager
Gemini App Manager
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Dev: SEASMIND Latest Version: 3.3.5 Updated: May 02

Gemini App Manager Free APK Download for Android

Gemini App Manager is an all-in-one tool to manage apps installed on your Android powered phone or the tablet. With this app, you can manage your all apps in a single place. Download Gemini App Manager APK file for free to install the app and start managing your apps the easy way. Some of the features of this free app are listed here.

Gemini App Manager Features

  • Lists all installed apps on your device
  • Let's you move your apps from internal storage to external SD card storage (You don't need any other app like App2SD)
  • Shows you how much CPU and RAM is being consumed by a single app
  • Let's you export installed apps as APK files (to install them on other devices or to keep as backups)
  • Gemini App Manager contains an inbuilt, powerful task killer (You don't need any separate app to kill background processes)
  • Smartly analyzes and shows how much network is being used by any installed app
  • Checks for specific permissions on apps i.e. detects if any app has capability of sending SMS and making calls
  • Kills apps running in background to free up RAM and CPU resources (makes your device faster)
  • Let's you uninstall apps and games smartly from your device
  • Gemini App Manager contains an inbuilt app firewall
  • Checks the apps capable of auto-run feature
  • There is an app freezer also
  • Clears cache and residual files to free up storage and improve performance on your device
  • Let's you sort installed apps based on several criteria
  • and many more features!

On rooted Android devices, Gemini App Manager becomes extremely powerful as it automatically optimizes your Android device for performance. Moreover, you can manage permissions for certain apps also. If any apps are capable or auto-running, then you can disable them by removing from auto-run apps list if your device is rooted. Moreover, firewall of the app also works only on rooted phones and tablets.

Don't worry if your device isn't rooted. You can try rooting it with the help of any rooting app like Framaroot or Kingroot. You can search for some rooting apps here on our market. If you are unable to root your device, still Gemini App Manager can perform all other actions over installed apps to prove itself one of the best app management tools available on Android platform.

If you are finding it a tough task managing your installed apps and games, then download APK file of Gemini App Manager and install the app on your device. You will be having many more (advance) features as compared to the default app manager of Android OS. Download the file, install Gemini App Manager on your device and see either it proves to be better than the default app manager or not.