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v1.3.3 (Updated Aug 25, 2016)

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Ghostery Privacy Browser Description

Ghostery Privacy Browser ensures the best secutiy services for your web browsing. You won't feel safer on anyother browser except this one. It has strong security protocols that protect your system from all kinds of malware and other security threats that you might face while browsing. Ghostery Privacy Browser is also a lite browser which you can use even on the older android operating systems. It won't hang or slow down your system. Plus, other features available on this browser are the ones that you won't find on any other browser. You can download the free APK for Ghostery Privacy Browserfrom our site. Let's talk about some of the important features of this browser.

Ghostery Privacy Browser Features.

Here are some features due to which you will definitely want to surf internet through this browser.

1. Ghostery Privacy Browser is a very lite browser. Doesn't matter whether you are using any older version of the software, it won't slow down your system.
2. It has one of the best secutiy systems. It gives you complete information of all the trackers that are present on a particular site. You can keep your personal data safe through one of best web security systems.
3. There are more than 2,200 trackers available on Ghostery Privacy Browser and about 4,500 web scripts which ensures that best security on any website your surfing.
4. One of the most desired Incognito mode is also available on this game app with the best system you will ever have.
5. While other browsers keep you busy with the permissions and stuff, on Ghostery Privacy Browser, this will be the least of your concerns.

There are still alot of features such as night more, safe browsing, and many more that you will need to know. You can install Ghostery Privacy Browser by downloading the free APK from this page and start having fun with your browsing time.

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