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Dev: GO Dev Team Latest Version: 7.29 Updated: Jun 17

GO SMS Pro Free APK Download for Android

GO SMS Pro is back with their new version of the app that is the 7th edition in their chain. One of the best stock SMS replacer, who has a lot of features that are going to stun your heart. This is the best option to replace your stock software with an app that solely built to give you the best SMS experience right from your smartphone. To download app, you can obtaun the free GO SMS Pro APK from the green download link given above. Now I am going to tell you about different features that are present inside this app.

GO SMS Pro Features.

Here are some of the major features that you want to know from GO SMS Pro.

1. You can completely change the look of your app by using 100s or themes present in the app and also by using different color combinations. Adjusting their contrast brighteness and other features will help you making it look ever better.
2. The software gives you the best and secure environemt to do your daily texting by providing encryption and advanced security features. Now don't feel any fear about your texts getting leaked or exposed to anyone.
3. Just like the Facebook Messenger, you can stick the contacts at the top of the screen while performing other tasks to see who is texting you at that time. That saves you the trouble to checking your inbox again and again.
4. Pop-up option is very quick and smooth for faster conversations and saving a lot of your time.
5. You can add the number in the advanced spam list or even block the numbers who are bothering you.
6. Delayed sending option is an amazing features that does not send your text at once but instead, wait for you to confirm the message whether there is a mistake or not in the text.
7. It filter the messages from stranger and keep them separated from the messages from the contacts that are saved on your phone to help you between strangers and known people.

GO SMS Pro really is something that deserves to be replaced with the stock SMS manager on your phone. To install it, download the free APK right now from our website and haev fun with your conversations.