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Google Drive Free APK Download for Android

No matter how fancy your Android mobile or tablet is, it comes with a limited memory storage for files and apps. If you use the device for tasks such as photography, video and movie watching, document storage and book reading, along with music tracks and countless other files and apps, there is going to be shortage of memory on your Android device even with an extra external memory card on the device. How cool it would be to store the documents, photos and videos on a platform other than your device and access them at any time using the Android device, laptop or a desktop computer from anywhere or share them with other people in your life. Well, there is such an app called Google Drive developed for your Android run device that will do the trick for you.

Google helps you to overcome the dearth of memory on your device with its Google Drive service by providing you with 15 GB online space for free which gets doubled up to 30 GB for all Google apps users, if this much is not enough for you and want more space, then that can be obtained on payment of monthly subscriptions. This app, like other Google products provides a handy and helpful service on your Android mobile or device. It is a file storage and synchronization service which allows you to store files in the cloud, thus giving you extra space on your device and ability to access the files on devices other than your mobile or tablet such as desktop and laptop from anywhere and anytime with its synchronization feature, and can be shared with other people as well with a single tap on the device screen.

With option to edit documents such as spreadsheets, and presentations with collaborators while sitting in your room the app allows you to work from your bed in collaboration with your colleagues sitting miles away from you. Google Drive includes office suite which encompass Google Docs, Sheets and Slides that allows for collaborative editing online documents, presentations, spreadsheets, drawing, forms etc. Don’t worry, storing the files in Google Docs native format are not counted towards online drive storage; that means extra space availability online for other apps and files from your Android run device.

Indeed a cool and free multipurpose service from Google for its users, but there are many more features in the Google Drive that make it an elegant cloud storage easy to use and simple to handle, which include:

If you have many files uploaded to your Google Drive and you want to get to a particular file name and type: use the Search feature to reach the file. The search results on Google Drive can be narrowed down by file type, ownership, visibility, and open with app options.

Use the Sharing feature on the app to easily share files and folders uploaded on to Google Drive with friends, family, and co-workers and decide whether they can view, edit, or comment on them. The files can be shared from any device with specific people or with open access through: Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides; or use a link for people to access the file, or create an email attachment for this purpose on your device.

You can view and manage file versions on your Google Drive using your Android mobile or device. Just go to the home-screen on the app click on a file to view it, if it is a Google Docs file it will be opened using that app; for a video, PDF, Microsoft Office file, audio file or photos will be opened in Google Drive. You can look for changes made by people to your Google documents if someone edits, renames, moves , removes, uploads a new folder, or shares or make private  an item with few taps on the screen.

Using the app you can track the activity of files and folders created and upload to Google Drive. Select a file to see the activity related to it such as renaming, editing, uploading, sharing and unsharing, and comments arranged chronologically for you with most recent on the top of the list.

Since Google Drive is cloud based it can be utilized while using a Wi-Fi network or mobile data. If you are travelling or are away from a Wi-Fi source then do not worry Google Drive enables you to access the files including Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides even in offline mode. While on a Wi-Fi network or mobile data connection switch offline access to ‘On’ mode and utilize the app even without internet connection. Download latest APK file of Google Drive on this page for free.

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