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Google Search Free APK Download for Android

Ever wished to quickly find a file on your Android mobile or tablet without having to go to a location and tapping on icons, or at the same time, looking for something on the internet without making effort to keying in the information? Well, this is possible with Google Search app.

Google Search app stands for its name and it is here to give you searches on your mobile phone and on World Wide Web using the most effective Google search engine on your Android operated mobile phone or device. Google search gives you the fastest and easiest way to look for what you need just with a single click.

To get a search result on your Android device or phone type the query and press search within seconds your request will be delivered and displayed for you on the screen. Or if you’re not in a mood to type words on the screen, then don’t bother. Google Voice feature integrated in to the app enables you to search the World of the Web by using voice command. Say it, Google Search will fulfill your wish like a genie from Aladdin’s lamp. May it be news, a question, a website, a quote, a book, or a Chinese restaurant in the locality you want to find on the Web or say a file name whether music, image, video, or a document located on your device memory or a SD card Google Search is there for you to carry out the job of combing the internet or your device and give you the results in fraction of a second. 

What you are looking for may be too vague to give you the results your heart desired, but Google Search provides results based on your location, thus enabling you to find what you want in less time and with minimum effort from your side.

In addition to all this Google Now brings you the information of your interest in time, it tells you about latest sport events you are interested in, weather updates for your location, what movies and TV shows will be on aired today, or how much time it will take you to reach home from work on the always busy highway.  Give a command to your Android device, Google search will let it obey:  Say "Set alarm for 8 am tomorrow" by pressing the microphone icon on your Google search app and see your order fulfilled the very next moment.

Get quick access to Google services like YouTube, Gmail, Docs, Calendars, Maps, and Pictures etc. all at one place with voice or type command on the search panel in Google Search app. Click on APK download file on this page to get Google search for your device and make your searches quicker, easier, and most relevant than ever before.