Hackers APK

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Dev: Trickster Arts Latest Version: 1.022 Updated: Apr 01

Hackers Free APK Download for Android

Hackers is an android strategy game developed and published by Trickster Arts for the android operating systems. This game gives you a chance to put your hacking skills to a real test and develop a network which is impossible or very hard to beat. Of course, we are not talking about the real hacking in the real world but this game is so realistic that is feels like you are doing all that stuff in the real world. Now create a network to become one of the top hackers in the world with the AI tech and graphics level so high that you feel like becoming a real hacker. This game is of course for entertainment purposes and it follows a storyline where you live your journey in order to become a real hacker. There is so much in this game from the world of hacking that you feel really in the world of these cyber forces. To download and play Hackers on your android device, download the free apk right now and start having some real fun.

Listed below is a list of all the features and game modes which you are going to enjoy from this game.

  • Hackers is an absolutely free to play game for the android devices developed by Trickster Arts.
  • In this game, you follow a storyline in conquest to become a top hacker.
  • This game is online where you develop a network and hack the network of others.
  • In order to hack others, you will need to create a better network which is how it works in the games.
  • You become better and better when you keep beating others, score points, and upgrade your hackings tools.
  • The storyline is filled with missions such as working for your country, hacking into terrorist networks, and activist missions.
  • Enjoy a beautiful 3D graphical environment where you create exotic 3D based networking architecture.