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v5.4 (Updated Mar 16, 2017)

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HD Camera Description

Have you ever thought about whether your phone camera could become a DSLR? Well, of course, it is not possible if we talk about the hardware and quality but how about getting all those same features and interface? Yes, this is possible with the help of this unique camera app called HD Camera installing which enables you to get a beautiful interface where you can take your smartphone photography to a whole new level. Whether you wanted to HD resolution, some beautiful effects, and unique features for videos which are mostly available only in professional cameras, you are kind of going to enjoy them while you get this app. This is a completely optimized app for android smartphones and tablets and even if you have an average camera in your device, this could be very suitable for you. To get HD camera for your devices, download the free app right now from our website by clicking the green download button above there and you are going to get it at this moment. Let us now move on to discuss some of the major features of the app.

Here is a list of all the major features of this called HD Camera.

  • It is time that you capture photos on your android smartphone or tablet in HD resolution and with better rendering.
  • You can have face focused automatically with face detection mode.
  • The app has an easy switch option between the front and back camera.
  • Important things such as white balance, brightness, contrast, and others can be set according to your choice.
  • Sophisiticated time display for the video recording mode.
  • You can use some beautiful effects and filter while capturing videos or images to make them look beautiful.
  • You can adjust the volume with the keys provided for the purpose.
  • You can capture record both in landscape and portrait mode.
  • And, lots of other features which you are going to discover while you start using it.  

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