Hola Launcher - Simple, Fast APK

Hola Launcher - Simple, Fast
Hola Launcher - Simple, Fast
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Dev: Holaverse Latest Version: 3.0.9 Updated: May 25

Hola Launcher - Simple, Fast Free APK Download for Android

Whenever you want to buy an Android phone for your kid or granddaddy who aren’t very familiar with the technology then what would you do? It is not possible for them to use that phone with the given interface. And that is when you can have the assistance of Google’s Play Award winner Launcher app named Hola launcher.

Hola launcher is an Android launcher developed by Holaverse and is most downloaded award winning app on Google Play Store. Hola makes your phone interface so easy with 1000s of icons and features that even a child becomes able to use it. It is a gift for those who have problems using phones with built-in difficult interfaces. Hola changes the appearance of your Android software and turns it into an easy kid’s phone. Let’s tell you about the various amazing feature of this launcher.

Hola Launcher is faster, exotic and more easy to use than it was ever. It comes with more than 10,000 icons for your apps and games and other stuff present inside the phone which makes your phone more beautiful and even easier to use. It has 1000s of icons and several widgets, themes and wallpapers that make your phone Miss World of the Android world. Installing this launcher gives you several different wallpapers. In fact you won't want to change even the default one because it so beautiful.

Some of the famous widgets that are provided by Hola Launcher are Clock, Weather report, processor load and phone heat etc. It present in the easy to understand manner such as icons which even a child would know what it is when opening. Your phone sets up in a beautiful manner where you can check different things such as news and Holazine by swiping the screen left or right respectively. Swipe down the screen to surf internet with faster searches and even faster browsing shortcuts.

With Hola Shine, you can open your frequently used apps just by swiping the screen. Hola Boost gives you power to power up your phone by boosting ram and clearing your background apps etc. Quick search is at the distance of a swipe which gives you access to contacts and web search quickly. Home screen notification shortcut gives you a quick access to your messages so that you won’t ever miss anything from friends and family. Smart folders and weather cast are also the proud presentation of this launcher. Download Hola Launcher APK right now from our website and have an Android experience that you never had in your life.

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