i Call screen Free + Dialer APK

i Call screen Free + Dialer
i Call screen Free + Dialer
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Dev: KDV Developers Latest Version: 3.1.5 Updated: Jan 26

i Call screen Free + Dialer Free APK Download for Android

Doesn’t matter if you don’t have an iPhone. You can still enjoy the looks of an iPhone right on your android devices with a number of cool apps designed to give your phone an iPhone look. One of the apps that are wonderful in this job is known as I Call Screen Free + Dialer. The great about the app is that it gives you the looks of caller screen used in the IOS 9 and iPhone 6. This shows that this app is an updated one and perfect for you. Here is a list of features that can be used by installing this app.

1. As I have already mentioned in the intro that this app uses themes and looks of IOS 9 and iPhone 6.
2. The app also has a very small size which is 5.5 MB only.
3. Now you can get rid of your old screen and get the new HD screen of this app which gives your phone the ultimate look of an IOS device.
4. The theme in the app can be easily customized according to your choice.
5. The app is very easy to use and can be used by everyone from children to adults.
6. An international number format is ready to use in this beautiful launcher app.
7. You can choose themes and background images according to your choice and they can also be customized as you want.

The application is very easy to use and customize the theme as per your requirements and comfort. As you complete installation of the application open it and you will be able to see a very user-friendly application. Soon after the completion of the installation, the default OS9 theme for call screen and caller ID is set ready for use. You can check it by giving a call from another phone to yours. Download the free APK for this app right now from our site and start using it enjoy the beautiful IOS look on your device.