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IMDb Movies & TV Free APK Download for Android

So are you a lover of movies and dramas? If your answer is in yes, then IMDb Movies & TV is a must for you. With the help of this app, you can explore a world of movies and dramas reviews online. The huge database of IMDb contains reviews, ratings and critics about Hollywood, Bollywood and other entertainment movies. You can easily decide either a movie or a drama worth watching or not. This really saves you time and you will never feel sorry after watching a media as IMDb Movies & TV will ensure that you will only make happy decisions after evaluating the reviews and ratings of different media.

The review isn't only the single feature of this app. The website focuses everything related to celebrities and their work. You can explore celebrity biographies along with a lot of other information. Also, keep an eye on breaking news related to your stars and movies. IMDb Movies & TV, in such a way, brings all stuff that is related to the Hollywood, Bollywood and other film industries in some way.

There is a quiz section also which allows the fans to participate in different quizzes related to stars, movies, dramas and other media. Take part in these quizzes to proof how serious you are a fan of any celeb or how strongly you have been focusing on the movies and dramas you love.

As of now, more than 3 million movies and dramas are there in the database of this amazing website. You can get real-time notifications on news and other information related to the movies you follow. Moreover, you can add movies, dramas, and other media to your watchlist so you don't miss them anytime. Also never miss any TV series / show as you can get notifications on when they will go live.

With IMDb Movies & TV free Android app, you can also get information about any movie or drama's awards, celebrities' awards and titles and so on. After having a look at the user reviews and awards' list of any celebrity or any movie / TV show, you can easily guess how successful it is. We hope that you will find this app extremely helpful in terms of getting information about the entertainment industries around the globe. You can visit the official website of IMDb here.