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Jungle Adventures
Jungle Adventures
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Dev: Fox Games Studio Latest Version: 1.33 Updated: Jan 04

Jungle Adventures Free APK Download for Android

Wake up tiger! Before it’s too late, the Ruthless and dangerous Lion monster have kidnaped your beloved princess. She is in great danger right now and you have to hurry up to save her from that savage beast. Don’t waste the time and start your adventure through deadliest jungles in Jungle Adventures. You have to fight and make your own way in the dangerous jungle and defeat the vicious beasts and animals came across in your way.

So don’t waste a moment and get your beloved princess from the monstrous Lion and do whatever it takes in Jungle Adventures and download its free APK file right now.

Game Story

In Jungle Adventures, You are the prince of the jungle and you have only one dangerous enemy threat for your kingship The Ruth Less and dangerous Monstrous Lion. This time, he targeted your princess and challenged you to rescue her. He sends his entire army in the jungle to kill you and set traps for you. Now you have to come out from your castle and face not only the deadly jungle but also the army and traps of the monstrous lion. Start your journey right now and be careful about the traps and challenges you will face during the Jungle Adventures.

Game Play

The Jungle Adventures gameplay is very simple and smooth. The movement buttons are provided on the left bottom corner of the screen and jumping and shooting buttons are provided on the right bottom corner, you just have to jump across the hurdles and traps and shoot down the creatures. After 80 level you will face your greatest enemy of all time the Monstrous Lion and give him a good lesson than bring your love back to home.

Game Features

  • Smooth and simple gameplay
  • Superb graphics with fantastic music and effects
  • Everyone can pay this game for free

So download the Jungle Adventures APK file right now and keep visiting for the more new app for your cell phone and tablets.