Jungle Castle Run 3 APK

Jungle Castle Run 3
Jungle Castle Run 3
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Dev: Simplified Apps Latest Version: 4.3 Updated: May 20

Jungle Castle Run 3 Free APK Download for Android

Jungle Castle Run 3 is an action-adventure game in which you are in the beautiful environment of jungle facing the dangers and trying to cross it to reach the other side. This is going to be a perilous journey for you since the jungle is full of deadly animals who are hungry enough to rip you apart. Slip past them, kill them and do anything which will enable you to dodge these deadly enemies. The game is full of adventure with beautifully designed surroundings using latest graphics. To install Jungle Castle Run 3, download the free APK from our site and begin the adventure.

Jungle Castle Run 3 is a complete pack of action where the adventure gets real. Your objective is to cross the jungles. The game is designed in different levels, each difficult from the other. The danger such as animals, obstacles, and traps get tougher as your progress through the game. Beat them all to make it safely on the other side of the place. You can also collect coins and jewels to earn extra points and buy unlocks with them.

The game also brings some new game modes such swimming and flying which you rarely see in such games. These game modes make it even more exciting. To play Jungle Castle Run 3 on your device, download the free APK on your mobile and begin the adventure.