Kid’s Poems in Urdu APK

Kid’s Poems in Urdu
Kid’s Poems in Urdu
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Kid’s Poems in Urdu Free APK Download for Android

Kids never grow up without listening to rhymes and poems. Whether we talk about the kids of this generation or the kids back in centuries, every single kid grow up listening to the poems, rhymes and lullaby by their mothers or teachers. Even we remember the sweet poems we used to sing and listen in our childhoods. This android app is amazing and fun as it allows you to play poems for your kids in minutes.

Features of this app are as follows.

  • This amazing kids poem application is free and fun.
  • This app allows you to play poems for your kids any time and any where.
  • There are so many kids rhyme that you can choose from.
  • You can view and listen the poems and Rhymes in stunning graphics and high quality voice.
  • Kids can listen to the poems and Rhymes and sing along.
  • It builds memorising skills in kids. .
  • This app is the best poem app for all the kids.
  • The backgrounds on the poems are interesting and thought provoking.
  • The features of this app are friendly and compatible.
  • You can listen all the poems in high quality audios.
  • You can choose from so many poems listed in the app.
  • You can play and pause the poems anytime.
  • You can see the expressions and actions of characters in the poems by clicking on the hand icon.
  • Lakri ki kaathi, naani teri morni, bulbul ka bacha are some of the poems includes in this app.

Download the APK file of this app and make your kids learn and memorise with fun.