Launcher 8 WP style

Launcher 8 WP style

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Aug 19, 2018


Version 3.4.9



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Aug 19, 2018


Launcher 8 WP style by XinYi Dev Team

If you are a fan of Windows phone but due to the limited features they provide, you are stuck to the android phones then I have got a good news for you. Now you can enjoy the Windows look on your android phones. Yes, this is definitely possible and that with the help of a launcher app named Launcher 8 WP style. This app is designed beautifully for your android device to give you a smart look of Windows phone on it. Now have a complete windows phone menu, themes, and the whole look of it right from your Android phone. Download the free APK for Launcher 8 WP style from this web page but first read what else you can get from this amazing android launcher. 


By Installing Launcher 8 WP style you can enjoy a great look of windows phone on your android smartphone. It will allow you to have your menus just like a windows phone and also, themes, wallpapers, and widgets just like it. You can also have the font size, color, and format of the text just like windows phone have. This is done by the easy customization menus present inside the app so don’t worry about how you will do it. Your job is to download the free APK provided on the app and the rest, you will know when you will install it. 

In the menus, you can add different things like the LED app from windows phone, live contacts and also live gallery. Your lock screen will be completely different now. You can customize its wallpaper, passwords, and completely change its appearance just like it looks on windows phone. Below are some other features of this app in bullet points.

  • Status Bar: Manage your Status Bar with style, time display, and color settings
  • You can create new options for the folders. Choose the password for your folders and also use hide and seek options
  • Themes can be downloaded from online store and also deleted and restored
  • There are a great number of exotic wallpapers available for you to download
  • Now you can get the notifications from your apps and about just like the windows phone options
  • Super search option is available to use. You can search websites and also on the local place for apps and stuff

So why not get this amazing app right now? Download the free APK available for download on this page and give your android a new windows phone look. 

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