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Learning Colors for Kids
Learning Colors for Kids
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Learning Colors for Kids Free APK Download for Android

‘Learning Colors for Kids’ is a fantastic game app for your kids to learn and have full knowledge about colors, as evident from its name. It is the very exciting app which never lets the kids get bored. It familiarizes your kids with the surprising colors of the world. The all educational things are done by a way which is so exciting and amusing. Using app is a great fun and excessively appealing. In a very less time and effortlessly, it gets your kids to learn the names of colors and to associate them with multiple objects like animals and fruits, etc.
The app will get your kids aware of various colors quickly, like, red, pink, gray, brown, green, yellow, orange, purple and blue. Every color comes with three smart and funny pictures matching the shade. All the things are available in three languages French, English, and Spanish. So, that is how the kids can learn more than thirty foreign words, which help them in the further study of the languages. The pronunciations of these words are also there to get the clear understanding of the words.
An intriguing mosaic mini-game behind the “Play” door helps to reinforce the newly acquired skills and to chain and train the kid's memory. Besides, there is a funny mouse, squeaking and peeping out of the hole in the corner of the room, again and again, that brightens the game up. The interface of ‘Learning Colors for Kids’ is very simple and intuitive. Even your youngest kid can play it on its own. In the game, your kids can easily learn colors with the option of ‘Learn.' When you open it, you are showed a particular color along with that its name is also pronounced. Then one after one, the game discloses three illustrative pictures to match the colors. All the procedure of learning is very amusing for the kids. Then there is an option to learn foreign words, and after that, you can test your knowledge as well with play door.
The app is all about learning and memorizing colors with such entertaining games and fun. So, just download the ‘Learning Colors for Kids’, and give your kids the best experience of learning with it.
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