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Lep's World
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Dev: nerByte GmbH Latest Version: 2.7.8 Updated: May 21

Lep's World Free APK Download for Android

Super Mario was a legendary platformer that inspired many developers to make unlimited games like it. Even with their most honest attempts, they couldn't build a masterpiece like that. However, some developers came almost near to the legendary game and one of those attempts is a game called Lep's World . This game really enchanted the hearts of players and helped them the memories of their childhood. The game is beautifully designed with a lot of levels, adorable graphics, and game modes that bought it many downloads. To play the Lep's World, you can download the free APK from our site and start playing this game. Let's talk on some of the major features of this game.

Lep's World Features and Game Modes.

There are about 136 levels in this game. You start with the easier ones and then with time it becomes really challenging but full of fun. You will need to pass the levels before to unlock the next ones, just like every other game works.

The graphics in the game are pretty amazing and of course with this modern technology, much better than the old 8-bit graphics that were used in Super Mario. The beautiful themes, visual and audio effects and melodious music really add to the beauty of the game.

There are 6 different world themes that can affect the gaming experience. Choose these themes according to your choice and play the game as you want it to be. Also, the enemies are very challenging and there are more than 9 enemies which are waiting on your way to creating problem for you. Beat them and progress through the game to complete it.

There is multiplayer mode as well in the game. You can also connect your Lep's World to Facebook and get a place on leaderboards. You can compete with friends to become a champion.

Unlock achievements that will help you progress in the game much faster than you could do before. So, what are you waiting for? Download this amazing game Lep's World APK right now from our site. Remember that Roid Bay is a home of free APKs for different games and apps. Keep visiting here to get them and make maximum use of your android phone.