Lock screen password APK

Lock screen password
Lock screen password
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Dev: Green Banana Studio Latest Version: 2.18.3384 Updated: Feb 03

Lock screen password Free APK Download for Android

Lock screen password app secures your privacy by allowing you to set the password or any pattern on your Android device. You have the option to either use the password option or set a pattern to secure your device's all sections. Although there are a lot of other privacy protection apps, but this security app takes the protection of your data to the next level by enabling the lock even if a phone call rings in. Most security apps are vulnerable to phone calls and a phone call is made on a phone, then it can be easily picked up by an unwanted person too. Once you download Lock screen password APK file to install the app on your phone or tablet, you can forget all security-related concerns and your device will become 100% secure against intruders.

With the help of Lock screen password, you can secure your private data including social networking apps, private photos, privately made videos and so on. You can keep others away from your contacts, bank card numbers (you have saved in your phone) and all other kinds of stuff. In short, your entire Android phone is secured and unwanted persons can't take anything out of it.

Now download Lock screen password APK file for free from our store APKBucket's servers and start securing your private data from going into the hands of the unauthorized people. Don't worry even if your phone is lost. Your data will never be compromised. Set easy to remember yet hard to be cracked passwords and patterns. Bring a bulletproof security on your device by enabling easy locks yet the unauthorized people will never be able to crack your security. Download the app for free now and get peace of mind onward as your mobile's private data will be fully secured by Lock screen password.