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Dev: Contacts Plus team Latest Version: 5.28.0 Updated: Jun 12

Messages + SMS Free APK Download for Android

Messages + SMS is a free app for Android devices. This app lets you manage your all contacts, messages and call logs in a single place. Basically, it is a launcher optimized for calls, messages and contacts and the launcher makes calling, texting, and management of call logs super-easy for you. Download Messages + SMS free APK file now and install the app on your device. Where it will make your calling and texting tasks simpler, the app will create secure backups of your contacts and call logs also so you will never lose any private information onward after installing Messages + SMS.

If someone is teasing you, now its time to block that contact. Where you trying to block certain annoying contacts before but were unable to do so? Now it's time to block all those unwanted contacts. Simply add the contacts to your block list and you are all set. Messages + SMS will take the care of your privacy and it will never let anyone to tease you in upcoming days.

More About Messages + SMS

Sometimes we carelessly lose our important and private data. You may accidentally delete you call logs and contacts or you may need to do a hard reset on your phone to get its access back just in case you forgot its password or it became laggy and unstable due to some misconfiguration. In all scenarios like this, Messages + SMS is going to proof itself as a lifesaver as it automatically (or manually) syncs and securely stores your data so you can get your data back anytime you will needing it. To get all these features to simplify your communication and to secure your private information, you need to download Messages + SMS APK from our website or simply visit Google Play Store's URL to install Messages + SMS from the official Android Market.

Around 18K and counting users have happily rated Messages + SMS around 4 and more than a million installations have been recorded so far on Google Play Store. These stats are more than enough to create an image of Messages + SMS Android app in your mind. To get more information and details about this free app, you can read user reviews about the app on Google Play Store.

Are you now ready to secure your call logs and contacts? Do you want to simplify texting and calling on your Android powered phone? Do you want to block those who are annoying you? There is a single answer for all these and many more questions. Go and download this tiny app known as Messages + SMS from this page where you will find this app's installable (APK) file. If Google Play is installed and active on your phone, you may consider installing it from there too. Additional details about this app may be found at the official website of developers here.