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Messenger for Whatsapp
Messenger for Whatsapp
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Dev: Pride Star Apps INC Latest Version: 2.0 Updated: Apr 20

Messenger for Whatsapp Free APK Download for Android

Messenger for Whatsapp is a third-party communication app developed and published by Pride Star Apps Inc. for the android operating systems which is made solely to assist you for a better Whatsapp experience. Everytime when you need to use a different Whatsapp account on your phone, you verify it first and only then you are allowed to proceed and use it. This gets so boring and annoying for the users since it takes time and for your urgent tasks, you need something which would easily switch you between your whatspp accounts and you can communicate faster and easier. For that, Messenger for Whatsapp is a perfect app which allows you to add multiple whatsapp accounts on a single device and switch between them anytime you want. To get this beautiful app, download the free Messenger for Whatsapp apk right now from our website and install it to begin some fun. 

Listed below are some of the top features of Messenger for Whatsapp.

  • Messenger for Whatsapp is an absolutely free app for androids.
  • It allows you to add as many as whatsapp accounts you want.
  • You can switch between multiple accounts at a time.
  • Barcode Scanner for the security of your account and to make sure that it is really you switching between those accounts.
  • This is made solely for people who want to use whatsapp on their tablets.