Monster Legends – RPG APK

Monster Legends – RPG
Monster Legends – RPG
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Dev: Social Point Latest Version: 5.1.2 Updated: May 13

Monster Legends – RPG Free APK Download for Android

Here is Monster Legends which bring you the most competitive ultimate monster fighting to make you powerful and lead them a wonderful victory in Monster Legends. Get a number of new and fresh monsters and uncover unique skills to boost your battle strategy in the real file fight. However, having beasts and raising them is never simple, where building a world for your creatures to live and breed in exceptional territories. Being in this battle and taking all of your monsters make the fighting interesting as you fight utilizing only system and strategies to skillfully substantiate yourself a great Monster Master. Be ready and make strategic plans for the battles which about to coming while in multiplayer team wars. And you can take specific number of beasts into Wars, utilizing runes to make them more grounded. A few creatures are amazing, while some are slightly impossible to defeat.

Here are the some of the top features of the Monster Legends of the game

  • Breed and gather the greatest Monsters to uncover 400 monsters in every week & build monster world
  • Fight exclusive Battle Monsters to team up & win master every types of rewards & attack with tricky skills
  • Strategy Based fighting battle action by planning to win each battle with stronger monster rules
  • Multiplayer Player vs player battles, Team Wars challenge, online playing game, & make strength against other strong players