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MoreLocale 2
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Dev: C-LIS CO., LTD. (C-LIS Crazy Lab.) Latest Version: 2.3.1 Updated: Jul 03

MoreLocale 2 Free APK Download for Android

If you want to add more languages in your handsets, MoreLocale2 is there for you. It helps you adding various languages in your Android phones or tablets to enhance your browsing and overall experience. Some Android phones don't support such languages by default, and their local locates, so for the people who find any difficulty in using such handsets without their particular language, MoreLocale2 is the best app for them. Hence, if you are in Europe, you can quickly browse in Spanish, French, etc. Or if you are using your handsets in the Gulf region, Arabic and English will be there for you as well. It is well admired and recommended by HTC too.

To localize your desired language on your phones, you just need to provide default localization and optionally bring in localization for other locales, so you can get way in text building blocks by their IDs. Then you will have to change the language in ‘Settings’ for a different locale. If your language is not supported in your region, changing the default locale of your phone will go in vain. It will make no effect on your application then.

As it is in your know that the Android platform grants the one part of the localization of the system application of your handsets, and the manufacturer of the handsets or the firmware ‘ROM’ allows the other part of them. Hence, the MoreLocale2 only offers the localization for itself and not for any of the rest systems. You can notice it inside the MoreLocale2 application with the help of apktool. Consequently, if your device does not support your language which you want to switch, MoreLocale2 will be unable to move to it.

You can find the system localization in a file called ‘framework-res.apk.' These files have all the graphics for your handsets and the language files as well.

After the 4.2 new Jelly Bean, the security level outlining of ‘Change Configuration’ has been changed. You can get the permission easily by ‘pm’ command if you want to or if you can use development tools. An interesting thing that if you already have SuperUser privilege on your device, you don’t even need to get the permission manually rather MoreLocale 2 automatically gets it for you. It enables you to select more and more locales. If you have any problem getting regions, you are supposed to use custom locale functions in the menu.