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NMAP for Android
NMAP for Android
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NMAP for Android Free APK Download for Android

Ethical hacking is something that most people appreciate on the internet. It has become so common nowadays and sometimes you can do nothing about it. Though, you can become a hacker if you just learn from the basics and there are a lot of tools to help you out here. To do that you are going to learn some important things about networks and that only a pro can do. Today, I am going to introduce you to a tool that is very effective for the android hackers who are doing their jobs either ethically or unethical. Name of the tool is NMAP for Android and its job is to identify the networks such as hosts, types of packets and filters, OS versions and many other things related to networks.

You will download the tool from our website and then install it on your device. In this post I will tell you some basics on how to use this as well. So let’s get started.   Note: Most important thing that you should know before proceeding is that your android phone must be a rooted one otherwise there is no chance that you will be able to use this app. Having said that let’s get started with how to use procedure of NMAP for Android.

How to Use NMAP

  • Download the app and install it on your Android device which is a preliminary step everyone should know
  • On starting, it will show a pop-up screen in which it should ask you to grant this app permission to all your phone features and of course you will need to grant it in case you want to proceed
  • After doing that, the app will open and you will see a page of NMAP which should show an address This means that now you have access to all the features of this and you are good to go with the working on app
  • Top right box will show the address bar where you will need to enter the address of the target for whom you want access to. After being done with that, now you can have access to your target ports and other things that you are concerned with

Isn’t this app amazing? Download its apk right now from our website and have fun while messing with the things of your targets.