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Photo Grid - Collage Maker Description

A super rating of 4.5 from more than 5 million users on Google Play Store; this speaks loud about Photo Grid - Collage Maker, the ultimate photo management app for Android OS. It is among most famous and most feature-rich photo collage maker apps available for Android platform. If you have a lot of photos in your device's storage, then its now the time to make a stylish collage from them. Put your memories in the form of a collage and which will make your moments more beautiful and worth-sharing.

Photo Grid - Collage Maker has several inbuilt filters and enhancers which tweak the photos easily. Even if you are a basic tech guy, still you can make your photos more beautiful by using the easy-to-use enhancements tools brought by Photo Grid. In addition to improve the quality of your photos, you can add stickers, text and other elements to your photos to add more details about them in an attractive way.

The app makes beautiful collages optimized to be shared on Instagram and other social networks. By making stylish collages from photos of any of your memorable moments, you can share them with your friends and family members on Instagram, Facebook and others. If your collage is a public one, then you can increase its shares by impressing people in your social network.

Photo Grid has tons of inbuilt layouts and sketches which can be used to combine photos quickly and easily. All selected photos are combined into a single collage by the app in a layout you choose and a fantastic picture is crafted with your all images in a minute or two. The feature-rich photo editor is there which lets you edit the collage before it is finalized and exported.

In addition to static photo collages, you can make beautiful video slides also. Select your images, add transitions, add music, text and stickers and then turn all your static media into a professional-looking video slide easily. Remember that your device must be running Android 3.0 and up to use the video slide making feature of Photo Grid - Collage Maker and devices running Android OS lower than that will only be able to make collages from photos.

Did you ever wish to see yourself on the front cover of a magazine? Or did you wish to see you in a film story-line? Photo Grid has made it possible. You can select any of predefined magazine covers to paste your photo there as well as you can put your photos in a filmstrip too. All this brings a great fun.

More than 300 layouts are there in the app which are optimized for Instagram. If you have a big following on the most famous photo sharing social network, then you can use any of these 300 layouts to make beautiful collage from your photos. Moreover, you can easily crop images as well. If your photos' size isn't perfect, then you don't need any separate photo editing tool as Photo Grid has all the needed features to edit and tweak your photos on the fly.

Yet another cool feature of Photo Grid - Collage Maker is its capability of exporting photos to high resolution media. The app supports the resolution up to 2048P which is far greater than the ordinary image resolutions. It means that you can add a lot of images to build a big collage and it can be even printed into a large banner as the app provides you the image in form of a JPEG or PNG media up to said resolution.

More features are being added to the app constantly. More stickers, filters and layouts are added to Photo Grid which means that you keep getting unique layouts for your next collages on a regular basis. Download Photo Grid - Collage Maker APK file on this page to start making eye-catching collages from your ordinary photos. Its free and fun! Download its free APK file now.

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