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Piggy Boom
Piggy Boom
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Dev: RAFO TECHNOLOGY INC Latest Version: 2.10.1 Updated: May 11

Piggy Boom Free APK Download for Android

Pigs are angry because someone has destroyed their town and took everything. It is time to take your revenge and start building your town again. You are going to a lot of work and also your friends to help you with the task. Create your own clan, upgrade them with weapons and strong town defense. Also, create your own force to attack towns created by your friends or other people around the world to have some endless fun in your game time. Download the free APK for PIGGY Boom right now from our website and begin the fun.

Piggy Boom Features.

Here is a list of all the features present in the game.

1. There is a magic wheel in the game. I am sure you love spinning the wheel for luck and you can do that in this game to earn some gold to make your clan stronger. Gold is necessary to buy weapons and other stuff your town so make sure you win a lot.

2. There are 1000s of choices for your town model. Choose the one of your choices and then build it on your own to make a place where your piggy clan can survive and fight.

3. You can play online by connecting the game to the internet and play with your friends and challenge people all around the world to see who is best in the game.

4. There are gold mines in the game so keep digging to find lots of gold and make your clan powerful than ever.

5. There are a lot of pets in the game to have in your town and used for different purposes.

So are you ready to build your piggy clan and fight the world? Download the free APK from our site and join the chaotic environment in the world of pigs.