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Pokémon Duel
Pokémon Duel
1.5 (2)
Dev: The Pokemon Company Latest Version: 3.0.3 Updated: Mar 12

Pokémon Duel Free APK Download for Android

Pokémon games have always been a fun to play regardless of the genre they use these characters in. For instance, this game named Pokémon Duel which is an android board game has been the recent example in which you play on a board but instead of Kings and Pawns from chess, you can get to play with your Pokémon characters. Not just that you are going to play this game in single player mode all by yourself but as you master with this mode, it is better that you connect to an internet connection and go online for a bigger fun since this is how this game is meant to be played. While playing online, you are going to complete among some of the top players and when there is competiton, there is fun. To get this beautiful board game which has your favorite Pokémon characters, download it right now from our websiteb by clicking the green download button above. Let us have a review of some of the major features and game modes of Pokémon Duel.

The gameplay is the most interesting talk about whether it is this game or any other. While they have goals for both of the players on the either side, you will need to use the best of your brain and formulate a strategy so that you can choose a good and tricky path to score a goal. Pokémon Duel is all about the best use of your brain where the way of defence is going to be tactical blocking and then counter moves so that you can reach the other side and win yourself a point. On a single deck, you have a limit of 6 Pokémon characters, each have their own unique abilites and you have got to make sure that you use them in the right way. Being done with the modes and gameplay, listed below are some quick features of the game.

  • It is absolutely free to play game available for the android version 5.0 or above.
  • Make sure that your phone is bug free and everything is working properly otherwise, they may bother you with this game.
  • Avoid a rooted device to play this game if you don't know how to configure the game properly.