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Racing in Car 2
Racing in Car 2
2.2 (5)
Dev: Fast Free Games Latest Version: 1.0 Updated: Mar 15

Racing in Car 2 Free APK Download for Android

Its been a long time since all of us have been playing racing games in third person mode on our android smartphones. What about that we go for a little change and start racing in the first person mode on our android? Yes, if you agree with me then it is time to get Racing in Car 2 which is a beautiful first person android racing game developed by Fast Free Games who are known for some really cool games on the play store. It is time that you play one of the most realistic racing games in first person mode where you take over other calls while avoiding accidents and collisions to score more and more points, earn coins, and then use them to buy new cars in the game. So while you have been looking for a change in the racing mood in your gaming, download Racing in Car 2 free from our website and have all the fun. We are now going to talk about some of the major features and game modes of this game.

Gameplay and Controls: This game has a first person gameplay in which you drive a car on amazing tracks while tilting the screen to move the steering and move the car side ways in order to avoid crashes and accidents. Longer you go, more the number of coins you earn, points you score, and use them to unlock new cars and achievements in the game. Listed below are some of the major features of the game. 

  • You are going to learn this game easily since it has an easy gameplay and drive through.
  • The first person mode becomes awesome when you play it with realistic 3D cockpit view from the car.
  • The game has endless mode where your game is not going to finish unless you crash your car.
  • Unlock new location and cars with the points you score and get yourself some new stuff.

Download this endless racing fun right now on your android smartphones and have fun.