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Root App Deleter
Root App Deleter
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Dev: TopDev Latest Version: 7.3.0 Updated: Apr 15

Root App Deleter Free APK Download for Android

Rooting an android device allows the users to take full control over their devices and use the features to their fullest. You can manage your device more easily and you can perform various other tasks as well that you can't perform with your un rooted device. This app is a simple tool that requires root permission to work. This is one of the top uninstall tool for android over the market.

  • This app allows you to do various things with your apps that are of no use to you. Features of this app are as follows.
  • This uninstaller is free of cost and provides you with all handsome features without a single penny being payed.
  • You can quickly and easily manage your apps and choose what you want to do with them.  Whether you want to freeze the app or remove it from your system.
  • This is the most efficient cleaner app as compared to the other apps available in the market.
  • This app is light and fast.
  • It is compatible with all latest versions of android and the old ones too.
  • You can also modify the modes of app before uninstalling them.
  • You can also disable the background system service for some apps to restrict them from using any data.

Download the uninstaller APK and manage your Android with the handy features.