Shadow Battle APK

Shadow Battle
Shadow Battle
4.25 (16)
Dev: Blackhole Studio Latest Version: 2.0.18 Updated: Jun 08

Shadow Battle Free APK Download for Android

If you ready for some 1 on 1 action in the world’s most exciting fighting game then you are on the right page. Shadow Battle brings the ultimate action of fighting 1 on 1 with the dangerous foes that are ready to take your life any moment. Now it depends upon you and your skills to execute your enemies and become the champion of the world. Download the free APK for Shadow Battle right now from our site and install this game on your android smartphone to begin the action. This is going to be one of the most exciting games you have ever played.

The controls in the game are very simple. You will need to tap on the screen for player movement and bring him into the fight. You can use kicks, punches, dashes, and a lot of other moves and skills to beat your opponent and become champion. While you are at some good distance from your enemy, charge up your shots and hit them some more power to beat the hell out of your enemies. You can also perform some stunning moves such as swiping the screen to stun the enemies with deadly dash move and more. Listed below are some of the game features as per the game’s description.

• Burst in melee with furious dash attacks or keep at range and rain down hell on your enemy with quick shots, heavy beams, or cluster bombs.
• The exquisite quality of graphics.
• Earphones are recommended to fully experience epic 3-D sound effects.
Immersive buttonless control scheme.
• Don’t let the rookie-level AI fool you, they can get insanely difficult at times.
• Unlock new maps and stories as you proceed on.
• Well-known superheroes ranged from the good old days’ to the most recent ones.
• Explicit tutorial for new players and effective training to an acquaintance with unique gameplay.
• Use reputation points to participate in versus mode, which greatly increases gold reward and enhances item drop rate.

So are you ready to fight your enemies and take on to this challenge? Then download the free APK for Shadow Battle right now from our site and install the game to begin the action.