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Shoot Bubble 2016
Shoot Bubble 2016
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Dev: Bubble Shooter Games 2016 Latest Version: 1.1.5 Updated: Apr 29

Shoot Bubble 2016 Free APK Download for Android

The most classic and amazing type of games are the bubble shooting saga games. These games have nothing to do with the age or gender because it is equally loved and admired by everyone. The addictive game plays are so awesome that people spend hours on this game to clear up the bubbles and reach the higher levels and ranks. Nothing on this planet is free but this pack of joy is completely free and completely yours as well.

The most loved game of 2016 is the shoot bubble. This app provides you with all the fun and amusement you need in a game. The cute little colorful bubbles are worth spending time on. You have to burst these cute bundles of joys to clear the stage and go to the next level.  All you have to do is make combinations of 3 or more bubbles and burst them up.

You have to aim and shoot. You just tap on the screen where you want the bubble to hit and the bubble with exactly hit where you tapped your finger. This amazing game has more than 600 levels for you to play and challenge yourself.  The difficulty level rises along with the stages.

The three modes of this game are so exciting and challenging. You would love all of the three. The first one is the arcade mode where you clear all the bubbles that come in descending order. The second one is the puzzle mode where you clear all the bubbles of screen with selective and specefic bubbles. The third one is the countdown mode where you can switch the color and bubbles. Download the APK file and shoot the bubbles!