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Smash Hit
Smash Hit
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Dev: Mediocre Latest Version: 1.4.0 Updated: Sep 06

Smash Hit Free APK Download for Android

Gather up all the courage and powers to get on this surreal journey where you just smash everything. Exploring through the otherworldly dimension and move in harmonies. The awesome environment with the right kind of audios and sound effects to make you feel the exploration. You are travelling across the dimensions and smashing every thing, every object that comes in your way.

You can travel as far as you can and also break the beautiful and amazing objects that come in your way. The glass objects will be smashed by you on the journey. Nothing can stand in your way. That's the real thing. You are definitely going to experience the best ever destruction physics game like ever. In this cool game, you just go around and smash the objects, literally smash everything that comes in your way.

The music and audios are perfectly synchronised to provide you with an amazing and stunning game play. The effects are selected by the real experts who know how to thrill you up and control your feels in the game. The effects get changed with the stages and levels according to the game play changes.

There are all the exotic and interesting locations including the 50 different rooms with all different graphic styles, the amazing audios and music, the realistic glass breaking mechanics and physics in every stage.

This app is not a premium version but it has all the features of a premium. You don't see annoying ads or anything. You can upgrade it to premium to get new modes, new stages and all new statistics.