Smurfs Epic Run

Smurfs Epic Run

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Aug 19, 2018


Version 2.9.1



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Aug 19, 2018


Smurfs Epic Run by Ubisoft Entertainment

We have all seen the blue dwarf movies and TV shows named Smurfs. Tiny little creatures, living in a beautiful colorful world, doing some real funny stuff to keep us all entertained. Well, they are all back now to do what they have been doing for years but now this time in the form of an android smartphone game called Smurfs Epic Run. You will once again be able to enjoy the beautiful adventure where these smurfs are on a journey to save their friends captured in different parts of the world. You can be a part of their adventure by installing this game on your phone. Get the free APK from this page and start enjoying the amazing adventure of saving little smurfs. 

Smurfs Epic Run is created and released by Ubisoft Entertainment who already are a famous gaming franchise. They have designed a beautiful environment with advanced 2D graphics to create a beautiful colorful world where you will embark on an adventure to save your fellow smurfs captured all around the world. The game has a total of 100 levels, each difficult than the previous one, where you will have to free the captive smurf and add him to your community. Of course, you are going to face a lot of challenges on the way. 

The gameplay really is the best one and what else could you expect from Ubisoft? There is parkour to do, dashing, jumping, and a lot of athletic stuff. The maps are beautiful jungles, deserts, and other different places where your fellow smurfs are being captured by an enemy unknown. There are your favorite smurfs from the cartoon show, each has his different abilities that will help you to cross the levels and free the prisoners. 

You have no idea about what kind of amazing adventure you are embarking upon? Know about different other things in this game. Download the free APK from our site and relive your childhood this time by playing it yourself instead of just watching. To enjoy a good performance make sure you have the latest phones with latest android operating systems. Get the game and have endless fun!

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