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Space Cleaner (Boost & Clean)
Space Cleaner (Boost & Clean)
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Dev: Space Dev Team Latest Version: 1.8.0 Updated: Jan 04

Space Cleaner (Boost & Clean) Free APK Download for Android

Your Android device doesn't stay as fast as it was running when you purchased it. Do you think like this too? If yes, then you are wrong just like millions of other Android users and Space Cleaner (Boost & Clean) is going to prove you wrong too. The fact behind sluggishness of Android devices over time is the junk stored on the device in form of cache by different apps and games as well as the quantity of the apps and games you have installed on your device. Space Cleaner (Boost & Clean) is going to clean your device making it as fast as possible and you will realize that time isn't responsible for the slowness of your device.

In general, Android users install a lot of apps and games. Sometimes they keep those (old) apps and games too that they don't need anymore or that they don't want to play anymore. Although the users forget about those apps and games but those apps stay active and they keep draining the resources of their Android devices. The result is the slow performance of the device as well as consumption of all available storage in some rare cases.

Space Cleaner (Boost & Clean) helps you remove the junk stored by different apps. If you don't have an app to clean the cache and residual files generated by different apps and games installed on your device, then you are missing on an important thing. You don't need to keep that junk as it does nothing except slowing down your device. When you will attempt to clean the data manually, it will be a hectic task. So why not automate all this using a free app like Space Cleaner (Boost & Clean)? Download the APK file for free and make your device faster like a brand one phone.

Identify and uninstall the apps and games that you don't need anymore. Don't worry, you don't need to identify the apps manually. Space Cleaner is going to find those apps that are rarely being used or that haven't been used over a longer period. So you can easily remove the apps with the help of Space Cleaner and your device will become faster.

Here is a brief list of features that Space Cleaner provides:

  • Clean junk from your device and free up the storage
  • Remove cache and residual files generated by apps / games
  • Uninstall apps and games that aren't being used over a prolonged period
  • Clean RAM so your device will become faster
  • Cool the CPU down - a cooler CPU is going to perform much faster
  • and much more

All these and many more features are combined into an easy interface so you can boost the speed of your device with a single tap. To start keeping your device as fast as possible, download the free APK file of Space Cleaner now and you will realize how handy this free app is.