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Spanish English Translator
Spanish English Translator
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Dev: Merriam-Webster Inc. Latest Version: Updated: May 17

Spanish English Translator Free APK Download for Android

Spanish English Translator or Nglish by Britannica is an app for translating Spanish into English and vice versa. Besides, it works as a dictionary, and it is very helpful for English learning. In the app, you can learn English according to your own schedule. Nglish is entirely free to download and use. It is created from Encyclopedia Britannica Merriam-Webster. This interactive and fantastic app features a broad Spanish-English and English-Spanish dictionary, sentence and word translation, common errors and grammar quizzes, and let you increase your vocabulary through quizzes and flashcards. Nglish also has got a personal area with word list questions are much more. English language dictionary includes synonyms, related phrases, example sentences, and audio pronunciation by the native speakers, so increase your communication skills by this amazing app.

You do not need to switch languages, again and again, just type a word, phrase, and sentences in English or Spanish to have its Spanish or English translation. Besides, you can grab the text easily from other apps on your mobile, and click ‘Share’ to Nglish for an immediate translation. With the help of voice dictionary, you can search translate any term. Spanish English Translator is the very great way to improve your vocabulary with flashcards and quizzes. You can mark and notice your progress through different levels and learn more than one thousand terms and words. Besides, you can easily advance your English skills with quick quizzes in multiple topics such as Grammar, Jargon quizzes, and common errors. It also allows you to have personalized quizzes with words you intend to practice. Moreover, you can save your words and access them from any other device or online too. Moreover, you can sync your own wordlist and quizzes progress with the app website at

It is very helpful and essential tool for the students who are preparing for exams of ESL, EFL, TOEFL, and TOEIC tests. Overall Nglish is the best app for all of your language needs, install the app right now and get a command over it perfectly.